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Window Tinting

Window tinting is an adhesive film that gets installed directly onto your side windows. The specialized tint keeps harmful UV radiation out, as well as blocks much of the heat and light that passes through.

Some drivers think the process is simple enough to do on their own, but they will likely wind up with bubbles under the film and peeling corners. It takes experienced installers like ours for perfect applications every time.

All of Your Window Tinting Needs Taken Care of!

They say that the region of Lehigh Acres, FL and Ft. Meyers, FL receive more than 2,600 hours of sunlight every year. That means seemingly endless days exposing your skin to UV radiation, as well as a vehicle that never feels like it cools off.

You’ve probably tried gimmick products like cheap solar-powered fans and foil sunshades. However, there’s no stopping the sun from getting inside your car unless you physically filter it out.

At Lehigh Acres Window Tint, we provide more ways of keeping your car protected from prolonged sun exposure. From making a safer commute to defending your vehicle’s paint, we offer it all for less.

Choose the team more area drivers trust. Call us today and save.

If you are like most area drivers, you wind up squinting throughout morning and evening rush hour traffic. For whatever reason, it seems like the sun always hovers just below your visor shade, keeping you blinded.

Instead, Lehigh Acres Window Tint continues providing the best in auto glass tinting services. We offer only the highest quality glass film that keeps you safe and gives lower pricing each time.

You can depend on us to maintain a more comfortable driving experience with protection that lasts. When cheap kits from the auto parts store don’t do enough for your eyes, you can always rely on us for the best tint jobs around.

You can find us providing the best window tinting Fort Myers drivers trust over any other company. We guarantee seamless shades that remain street legal, as well as more affordable options than any other technicians around. Call us for better window tinting for your car.
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Tint Removal

When you have existing film on your glass, you need tint removal before the new product gets installed. Unfortunately, too many drivers skip this step, leading to poor results quickly.

Some drivers think that soap and water are enough, while others go straight for a razor. These methods are often ineffective, and they may scratch or crack your glass in the process.

Allow us to remove your vehicle’s old window tinting today safely.

Commercial Window Tinting

Some local companies might not know that they can receive glass tinting for their vehicles as well. Commercial window tinting is not a service that is allowed in every state, but we provide the level of quality you can trust.

We keep your drivers safe while helping them remain more aware of the surrounding vehicles in traffic. When you need an affordable way to lower your liability, we can best assist you.

Headlight Restoration

For many drivers, their headlights become the first things to age. Unfortunately, many car manufacturers leave your headlamps vulnerable to oxidation, and our sunny climate and salt air doesn’t help.

Foggy headlights are a hazard, especially in the rain and at night. When you can’t see other drivers, and they don’t see your lights, it will likely cause an accident eventually.

Don’t wait until it’s too late for your headlight restoration service needs.

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps make it possible to advertise your company, write off marketing expenses, and keep your car’s exterior protected. These vinyl wraps cling to your vehicle’s outer shell, and they can get wholly customized with virtually any colors, images, and logos.

Best of all, it acts as an additional coat of defense for your car’s paint, keeping it free from scratches, dents, and scuff.

Choose us for your fast and affordable vehicle wraps.

Ceramic Coating

When you choose Lehigh Acres Window Tint for ceramic coating, it means receiving a deeper level of protection for your vehicle’s body. Our specialized paint wax gets carefully applied by hand, where the solution bonds to the painted surface.

Best of all, the process is semi-permanent, meaning you could go years without requiring another application. Nothing else stands up to sunlight, water, and weather better than this.

Keep your car’s paint protected today.