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We take care of our client’s comfort and safety!

When you ask people what hazards they feel most concerned about while driving on the road, they likely say people texting or staying under the influence. However, a more common threat is staring them directly in the face, and they don’t even realize it.

If you find yourself driving with the sun shining in your direction, it makes it harder to see traffic lights, street signs, and other vehicles. Or, if it catches one eye and not the other, it could distort your depth perception.

When you need the best protection possible against intense light and UV radiation, more Lehigh Acres, FL drivers depend on one company above all others. At Lehigh Acres Window Tint, we provide more solutions to problems that residents fight against in traffic every day.

Whether you need to preserve your car’s paint or promote safer driving, we offer a variety of professional services for you to select. Contact us today to receive the best protection possible for your car against the sun every day.

Why Auto Glass Tinting?

Living in our community, as well as the surrounding Ft. Meyers area, means nearly daily sun exposure and hotter temperatures than most of the country. However, when you remain exposed to a face full of sunlight each time that you drive, you may already be at risk.

Prolonged sun exposure has been known to cause skin cancer, as well as eye damage. And when you sit behind panes of glass, it’s as if you have a magnifying glass held over you.

We remain committed to keeping more area drivers safe with affordable glass tinting, vehicle wraps, ceramic body coating and more. No matter your areas of concern, we have the ideal solution each time.

Choose Lehigh Acres Window Tint technicians and drive safer for less.

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